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[Debconf-video] Video on State of the Map

Hi I worked on the videoteam at Debconf in 2005 and had a great time.

Now I'm working with the Openstreetmap conference in Girona for this
Friday[1], we could need some help.. Most important right now is, what
should we ask for to be able to do streaming? We have a meeting this
wednesday morning and I would like to have some questions to ask.

1. internet ok
2. Video feeds are available to a control room (But how do we want it
connected to our laptops?)
      I'm guessing firewire, but are there other options, and do you
have costs for such converters?
3. any other equipment we might need?
4. we have a feed from the projector but I'm guessing we wont be able
to handle that with dvswitch, considering our current staffing.

Number 2. is most important and I don't know much about it..

The conference is at 9th July to 11th July in Barcelona, we can of
course offer free tickets if anyone wants to attend and help out with
the streming.



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