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Re: debconf5 - videos of the talks and BOFs available


I will comment on the rest later, have to go now... but...

> > One could of course add some kludges to the Makefile to
> > special-case those two files even more, but wouldn't it make more sense
> > to just rename them so that they have the right extension?
> It's really better to leave the files as they are and make the Makefile
> smarter, because people may have already downloaded the files with the
> old names.  The only exception I'd make to this was for the filenames
> with accents in, which were being treated differently by the different
> web servers.

I'm also more in favor of renaming. Otherwise we'll have to life with that 
error forever. 

I will announce the availability of _preliminary_ dvds anyway (probably 
tomorrow, maybe first only to debconf5-video so you can preview them, before 
we do some last fixes like the credits (Aschwins mail to team was too late to 
be included), and IMHO this is also a good spot to announce that.)

Those dvds will be preliminary anyway, as we dont have all talks now.


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