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Re: debconf5 - videos of the talks and BOFs available

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(Sorry for following up to the wrong message, but the list archives
don't contain the Message-ID)

Perhaps it would be nice if there would be a link to this from the
dc5video.debian.net site? The latter has been posted all over the net
(/., DWN, everywhere), whereas these (excellent) scripts are only
known to those who read this list. I've seen at least one person who was
about to master his own DVD from those videos; that's quite silly if the
work is already done.

Also, there's a little bug in the makefile (which is really a bug on the
webserver): there are two files with an extension of .mpg rather than
.mpeg. The Makefile correctly lists them with the .mpg extension, but
still tries to download the .mpeg version if the file doesn't exist. I
ran this overnight and thought the images would've been ready by now,
but no luck. One could of course add some kludges to the Makefile to
special-case those two files even more, but wouldn't it make more sense
to just rename them so that they have the right extension?

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