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Re: Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

On November 15, 2019 5:10:24 PM GMT+05:30, Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:

As we are planning to bid for India 2021, and I am interested in this thread.

>If I am understanding you correctly
>You have new people coming into this team every year.
>With a name like local team they're going to assume that it's mostly
>local people.

Yes, this was the understanding I had about local team.

>Instead, as part of putting together a DebConf bid, you want this team
>to look to other parts of the world for some parts of the task.
>Perhaps as part of the team putting together Debconf 19, Antonio
>want to focus on content.
>It sounds like you're saying that since content is kind of essential to
>a Debconf, he (or the team putting together the bid) needs to have a
>plan for content.
>It can be to do it themselves.
>But it could also be to think about who did a great job of content in
>the past and see if they will join the "local team." to handle that.
>Except that with a name like local team, people aren't going to think
>that way, especially if this is their first DebConf bid.
>Again, this all assumes I am understanding you correctly.
>If I am, better names might include:
>* guiding team
>* The 2019 team (for the 2019 conference)
>* The bidding team

I have a suggestion. Let the DCC be the guiding/monitoring body as it is now, but have a bigger team "DebConf remote team" which includes everyone who volunteers to be part of organizing the DebConf. And this need not be an official team, rather a resource pool.

Every year interested people can volunteer for the team. This way every year it is not always the same team, at the same time we can have at least a few experienced people in the team. The call for volunteering to this team should happen as early as end of DebConf n-1.

This team will work together with the local team from the beginning of the activities itself to have a successful DebConf. 

I know this is not a perfect solution, but I came up with this idea because of my experience - I wanted to contribute to organizing DebConf19, but was not aware I could do a lot of tasks remote. Having a team like this will encourage more people to be part of organizing.

>But it also sounds like we want to emphasize the recruiting people from
>all around the wold as part of putting together the bid.
>It's possible this is all documented and that because I'm the kind of
>person who reads docs, if I were more involved in DebConf I'd just know
>it.  And I'd find the name "local team" quaint kind of like how I find
>not a typewriter errors quaint.
>But for someone new, it's going to be confusing.
>And for this job, it's going to be inherently new, so I think that
>I now leave you and Antonio to the interesting debate of whether this
>the model we want.

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