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Re: Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

Hi Sam,

Am 13.11.19 um 12:01 schrieb Sam Hartman:
The question is whether the committee should have a significant role in
keeping track of how active the debconf team is and working to find
volunteers to keep the organization vibrant.
The proposal we got both in the nominations process and that we got in
feedback at DC19 is that this should be a committee responsibility.

(all personal statements below, no DCC hat)

I'm very o.k. with taking over the responsibility to keep the organization ("DebConf-team") functional. In the current delegation text this is laid out as "monitor the progress of DebConf organization and ensure that the defined team structure and decision-making processes remain functional and sufficiently efficient to ensure a successful DebConf."[1]

I'm fine with trying to grow the team and all the people I bug regularly can give testament of this being an active outreach process. I know other DCC members do this too as we talk about this (and don't always agree on whom to reach out to). If you feel such outreach needs to be represented in an updated delegation text, please go ahead. We do have outreach on a Debian level, that is probably more where I would personally look at.

I think "vibrant" is over the top. Individual teams must see that they are sufficiently attractive to recruit and keep members. See the video team for an excellent example. The DCC is a fallback to "help the team in establishing appropriate structures" and "advise the team and share their experience of DebConf organization" (from the delegation text). That is well thought out and sufficient in my opinion.

I'm not happy to have "the local team" try and throw jobs they don't want to do "over the fence". I actively resisted that on a recent DebConf and so did other "senior" DebConf team members. That may be the reason why you got such feedback. It worked in the end, the teams were staffed with local members too and the conference was well funded, well organized and overall successful.

Kind regards,


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