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Re: Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

On 14/11/2019 03:57, Daniel Lange wrote:
> Hi Paulo,
> Am 13.11.19 um 17:53 schrieb Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana:
>> On 13/11/2019 14:11, Daniel Lange wrote:
>>> I'm not happy to have "the local team" try and throw jobs they don't
>>> want to do "over the fence". I actively resisted that on a recent
>>> DebConf and so did other "senior" DebConf team members.
>> Are you talking about something related to DC19?
> Of course. But as everybody involved knows anyways, I would not have had
> to make it explicit.

I, on the opposite, believe when you make a statement, you need to be
clear enough to not create conflict with others that don't deserve like
people from DC18 or other DebConfs organizations.

If your issue is with DC19 local team, make it clear to everybody.

> http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-team/2018/debconf-team.2018-11-05-21.58.log.html#l-84
> <DLange> I'd be there and I guess more people from previous years
> <DLange> but DC19 folks need to own the budget. Expenses and income.

When I read this "the local team" try and throw jobs they don't want to
do "over the fence" I can see clearly you (Daniel) are not been honest
when you say after: "It worked in the end, the teams were staffed with
local members too and the conference was well funded, well organized and
overall successful".
In some how, you hold a grudge against DC19 local team in your heart.

To everybody not involved, or maybe to everybody involved who believes
DC19 local team just "tried and throw jobs we didn't want to do over the
fence" I will explain what really happened.

Before the end of DC18 was told us many times we shouldn't try to solve
all tasks alone, because in anytime we could ask for help to the "world
team" and there were a lot of people available to help us. This was told
us because something happened during DC18 organization, and I am not
sure what was the issue there.
Anyway, specially with the job "looking for internationl sponsors", the
world team would help us.

And this moment happened: we (local team) asked for help to deal with
internationl sponsors, and in that ocasion we explained why we were
asking for help: first we didn't have hands enough to deal with this job
because we had a lot of others local tasks to do, and the feel people
that was trying to deal with sponsorship were not feeling safe to talk
in english with international sponsors and say something wrong to them
and damage the relantioship between Debian and these companies.

Everytime I said "we need help because we are not having time do deal
with sponsors", Antono Terceiro everytime said exactly the same thing.
Everytime we emphasized the lack of time to deal with sponsorship tasks.
We said in IRC, we said by email to sponsors team mailing list, and I
said personally to you when we met in Hamburg. But you (Daniel), in your
head, you only understood: "DC19 local team don't want to do their job".

It's a shame, and this make me ask to you (Daniel): why after almost 4
months from DC19 you still bringing this issue to here? Why?

Everytime we talk about the role of DebConf Committee, there is a
consensus about: the Committee should solve conflicts and keep the
environment healthy and nice to everybody.

So, why you (Daniel) as a DebConf Committee member still creating
conflicts with us from DC19 local team and make this kind of statement:
"the local team" try and throw jobs they don't want to do "over the fence".

After 4 months, what gain do you have with this? What gain do Debian
community, DebConf organizers, DC19 local team have with you keeping a
conflict environment?

I really would like to understand this. Because I want to help our
fellows from DC20, but when I see you (Daniel) after 4 months bringing
issues to here, I have to admit I loose all my motivation to still
helping future DebConfs. I want believe DebConf is a healthy and nice
environment, but you insist to show me it's not. So, again, why do you
do that?

to everybody else: sorry for parentheses in this important committee
discussion, but I feel we need fight against some false statements.

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Curitiba - Brasil
Debian Developer
Diretor do Instituto para Conservação de Tecnologias Livres
Site: http://www.phls.com.br
GNU/Linux user: 228719  GPG ID: 0443C450

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