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Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

We got some interesting feedback during the nominations process that I
just finished following up with.
It is consistent with feedback I got talking to people in DC19.

There are concerns that the active debconf-team  is smaller than we'd
In some cases it's been the local team plus not a lot else.

To emphasize: the committee's role is not to be the debconf team.
Committee members may be active members of the debconf team, and
certainly we need at least one or two who are very active in

The question is whether the committee should have a significant role in
keeping track of how active the debconf team is and working to find
volunteers to keep the organization vibrant.
The proposal we got both in the nominations process and that we got in
feedback at DC19 is that this should be a committee responsibility.

As we approach thinking about any revisions to the delegation text, I
wanted to start a discussion on this.
How do we feel about that responsibility?  Is that something the
committee should take on?

Are there any changes to the delegation text we want to make in this

Thanks for your thoughts,


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