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Re: Debconf19: sponsor tier values for brazilian companies

Hi Helen,
Hi Antonio,

Am 08.09.2018 um 12:56 schrieb Antonio Terceiro:
> On Sat, Sep 08, 2018 at 02:49:02AM -0300, Helen Koike wrote:
>>>> You could offer a (e.g.) 20% discount to _local_ companies paying in
>>>> Reais within (e.g.) 2 weeks of the invoice date.
>>> I see, but would it be ok to add this discount condition it in the
>>> brochure? Because I am wondering if companies could just wait to ask for
>>> the invoice to wait the exchange rate to vary (or maybe not).

Yes, please put the discount in the brochure and the flyer. Anything
important should go into these documents to keep the messages to our
potential sponsors consistent.

I suggest something like:
"To support the local Brazilian community utilizing Debian-based
solutions we offer a X % discount for companies and organizations
registered under the Brazilian Civil Code if we receive payment within
TWO weeks after the DebConf19 invoice has been issued."

> It's very hard to predict the future of the financial market, and any
> argument we have now for either direction is just guesswork. IMO we
> should pick 1 USD = 4 BRL, give a 10% discount (making it 3.6) if
> paid withing 2 weeks of the invoice date.

Sounds good to me.

Best regards,

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