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Debconf19: sponsor tier values for brazilian companies


We've been discussing the tier values in Reais (Brazilian currency), we
would like to fix the rate to a certain value, similar to what was done
in Taiwan.

Lets say we fix the conversion rate to R, so if a company wants to be
bronze sponsor, it would pay R*2000.
The problem is if a company pays R*2000, and then the market exchange
rate decreases below R, could we return the difference to the company
latter (when we close the date for new sponsors) ?
We would like to avoid cases where the companies wait the currency
exchange rate to decrease and holds the payment to the last minute (as
the rate varies a lot in Brazil).

To give more context, the current exchange rate (31 Aug) is 4,06. If the
answer to the above question is "NO", then we need to fix the rate to a
safe rate (e.g. R=3), but if the answer is "YES", we don't need to worry
that much and we can increase R a bit.

Please, let me know if my question isn't clear.

Thanks in advance for your help/guidance.
Helen Koike

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