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Re: Debconf19: sponsor tier values for brazilian companies

Hi Helen,

Am 02.09.2018 um 01:46 schrieb Helen Koike:
> The problem is if a company pays R*2000, and then the market exchange
> rate decreases below R, could we return the difference to the company
> latter (when we close the date for new sponsors) ?
> We would like to avoid cases where the companies wait the currency
> exchange rate to decrease and holds the payment to the last minute (as
> the rate varies a lot in Brazil).

Technically there is no reason why you could not refund a currency
advantage that you have received. But you cross annual years and - at
many companies and probably your local organization - fiscal years so
that has tax implications which makes such a solution a bit annoying.

You could offer a (e.g.) 20% discount to _local_ companies paying in
Reais within (e.g.) 2 weeks of the invoice date.

That way there is an incentive to pay immediately, a reduction of their
interest to gamble the currency and an advantage to local companies
within all sponsors tiers. The latter was something we discussed in
Hsinchu as some of your team were expecting not too many Brazilian
companies can/want to afford the higher sponsorship tiers.

Best regards,

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