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Re: Debconf19: sponsor tier values for brazilian companies

On 9/2/18 4:13 AM, Daniel Lange wrote:
> Hi Helen,
> Am 02.09.2018 um 01:46 schrieb Helen Koike:
>> The problem is if a company pays R*2000, and then the market exchange
>> rate decreases below R, could we return the difference to the company
>> latter (when we close the date for new sponsors) ?
>> We would like to avoid cases where the companies wait the currency
>> exchange rate to decrease and holds the payment to the last minute (as
>> the rate varies a lot in Brazil).
> Technically there is no reason why you could not refund a currency
> advantage that you have received. But you cross annual years and - at
> many companies and probably your local organization - fiscal years so
> that has tax implications which makes such a solution a bit annoying.
> You could offer a (e.g.) 20% discount to _local_ companies paying in
> Reais within (e.g.) 2 weeks of the invoice date.

I see, but would it be ok to add this discount condition it in the
brochure? Because I am wondering if companies could just wait to ask for
the invoice to wait the exchange rate to vary (or maybe not).

> That way there is an incentive to pay immediately, a reduction of their
> interest to gamble the currency and an advantage to local companies
> within all sponsors tiers. The latter was something we discussed in
> Hsinchu as some of your team were expecting not too many Brazilian
> companies can/want to afford the higher sponsorship tiers.
> Best regards,
> Daniel

Options I can think of, for Brazilian companies only:

1) Fix at a safe low rate (e.g. 3) without a refund option
2) Fix at a medium safe medium rate (e.g. 3.5? 3.8?) without a refund option
3) Fix at a closer rate we have today (e.g. 4) and refund the companies
if the rate goes down (which seems complex due to the reason previously
4) Fix at a closer rate we have today (e.g. 4) and give a discount (e.g.
20%? 15%?) if the company pays in 2 weeks after the invoice date and do
not give a refund option

Another info that might be useful, according to google, in the last year
the rate went from 3.06 to 4.06 (a variation of 25%).

I also talked with some people who organized an event with around 1600
participants in 2011 Brazil and a owner of a medium sized company. They
told me that they asked from 20k to 60K BRL (which is closer to a
rate=3), but the companies were already familiar with the conference, I
am not sure if big companies in Brazil are familiar with Debian/DebConf.

Any thoughts? I think I would vote for 2 or 4, actually I think option 2
is easier to manage, but option 4 has the advantage to make the
companies to pay faster, which seem great, but still not sure.


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