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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request


This is a budget approval request.

The changes since the last review is:

  * Increase the budget of accommodation (2.5 USD/person/day from
    1.5 USD/person/day). The reason behind this is that NCTU don't
    provide sleeping bags or mattresses. Our previous estimation
    includes these two and the updated estimation adds a sleeping bag
    into the bed set.

Also, NCHC (National Center of High-performance Computing) and III
(Institute for Information Industry) funds are not yet included. NCHC
promised us that they can reimburse expenses under certain categories up
to 200,000 TWD (which is to 6,737 USD).  III don't promised anything yet
since they have stricter regulations, and they are taking our budget
estimation for finding something they are able to reimburse.

This estimation is for 400 people.  To extrapolate the estimations, the
following items should be considered:

  * Budget:Conference Dinner:Food
  * Budget:Roomboard:Coffee/Tea
  * Budget:Roomboard:Food
  * Budget:Swags:T-shirts
  * Budget:Swags:Bags
  * Budget:Accommodations
  * Income:Attendee:Registration
  * Income:Roomboard:Food
  * Income:Roomboard:Accommodation
  * Income:Roomboard:Bar

Finally, we put our estimation and extrapolation for 500 attendees in
our public Salsa repo:


        USD -28749.5  Assets:Receivable
        USD 184120.0  Budget
          USD 8700.0    Accommodations
         USD 70000.0    Bursaries
         USD 60000.0      Bursaries
         USD 10000.0      Diversity
          USD 1500.0    Child Care
         USD 13600.0    Conference Dinner:Food
          USD 5500.0    Content
          USD 5000.0      Invited Speakers
           USD 500.0      Press
           USD 600.0    Day Trip:Buses
          USD 1000.0    Fundraising:Fulfillment
           USD 500.0    Insurance:Insurance
          USD 1000.0    Miscallenous:Incidentals
         USD 71200.0    Roomboard
          USD 7500.0      Bar Beers
          USD 2500.0      Coffee/Tea
         USD 61200.0      Food
          USD 7520.0    Swags
           USD 720.0      Badges
          USD 2400.0      Bags
            USD 50.0      Posters
           USD 150.0      Stickers
          USD 4200.0      T-shirts
          USD 3000.0    Video
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Rental
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Shipping
       USD -155370.5  Income
        USD -15000.0    Attendee:Registration
       USD -108740.5    Fundraising
         USD -4000.0      Bronze
        USD -19849.0      Gold
        USD -17225.5      Governmental Funds
        USD -20000.0      Platinum
        USD -45000.0      Silver
         USD -2666.0      Supporter
        USD -31630.0    Roomboard
         USD -7380.0      Accommodation
         USD -3000.0      Bar
        USD -21250.0      Food

Best regards,
Yao Wei

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