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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request


Here comes the update of the budget list, which includes the following

  * Merge all the food stuff into food budget (as this was what DC17
    have done), and decrease the budget of pastries from TWD 100/person
    to TWD 50/person, and deduct the day of conference dinner.
  * Increase the fee of conference dinner from USD 5000 to USD 13600.
  * Remove the income of alcohol from conference dinner. I don't know
    if we sell alcohol during conference dinner.

By the way, NCHC would like to reimburse some of the spendings, however
I don't know how to factor this in since they don't have concrete
number, though they give us a upper bound of 200,000 TWD.

        USD -22749.5  Assets:Receivable
        USD 178120.0  Budget
          USD 5300.0    Accommodations:Sleeping mats
         USD 70000.0    Bursaries
         USD 60000.0      Bursaries
         USD 10000.0      Diversity
          USD 1500.0    Child Care
         USD 13600.0    Conference Dinner:Food
          USD 5500.0    Content
          USD 5000.0      Invited Speakers
           USD 500.0      Press
           USD 600.0    Day Trip:Buses
          USD 1000.0    Fundraising:Fulfillment
           USD 500.0    Insurance:Insurance
          USD 1000.0    Miscallenous:Incidentals
         USD 71200.0    Roomboard
          USD 7500.0      Bar Beers
          USD 2500.0      Coffee/Tea
         USD 61200.0      Food
          USD 4920.0    Swags
           USD 720.0      Badges
          USD 1600.0      Bags
            USD 50.0      Posters
           USD 150.0      Stickers
          USD 2400.0      T-shirts
          USD 3000.0    Video
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Rental
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Shipping
       USD -155370.5  Income
        USD -15000.0    Attendee:Registration
       USD -108740.5    Fundraising
         USD -4000.0      Bronze
        USD -19849.0      Gold
        USD -17225.5      Governmental Funds
        USD -20000.0      Platinum
        USD -45000.0      Silver
         USD -2666.0      Supporter
        USD -31630.0    Roomboard
         USD -7380.0      Accommodation
         USD -3000.0      Bar
        USD -21250.0      Food

Yao Wei

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