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Re: [Debconf-team] Reimbursements

* Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> [2017-09-26 10:42:14 +0200]:

> Nicolas Dandrimont <olasd@debian.org> writes:
> > * Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> [2017-09-26 09:05:38 +0100]:
> >
> >> Hi Nicolas,
> >> 
> >> > […] only to have them end up in the perennial SPI black hole.
> >> 
> >> Getcha, and I was indeed premature in asking you to consider a notice,
> >> thank you for explaining :)
> >> 
> >> > I really feel uncomfortable sending a notice until some tangible
> >> > progress has happened, however.
> >> 
> >> I agree. In lieu of that, what are our options re. chasing up SPI? :)
> >
> > There was a SPI board meeting last week where the subject was raised; I've sent
> > a poke to the SPI board asking what was going on on Sunday. I'm told the
> > contract for the new bookkeeper, who is supposed to oil the SPI accounting cogs
> > so they stop seizing, has been signed by both parties, and the treasurer said
> > he'd be available this week to issue reimbursements once they're triaged and
> > booked. I don't know whether the bookkeeper will be onboarded in that
> > timeframe.
> Ah, maybe I assumed things that are not in fact the case, in my previous
> mail.
> The person Luca was suggesting for the job was femail AFAIK, so perhaps
> other things have happened since I last knew things.

Ah, my phrasing was confusing :)

In the proposed process, two people need to be involved: the bookkeeper keeps
the books and does triaging, but has no access to funds; the treasurer still
has to do the payments. Michael said he would have time to do so this week, but
I don't know when the bookkeeper (Sabrina) will be able to start working.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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