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Re: [Debconf-team] Reimbursements

* Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> [2017-09-26 08:32:16 +0100]:

> Hi Debconf Team,
> I've been contacted a couple of times privately at leader@ in the
> past week regarding delays in receiving reimbursements from DC17.
> Whilst I can appreciate if there are delays/backlog, etc. it might be
> expedient to send out some kind of notice; one of the messages was
> quite distressed about the situation and making some clearly incorrect
> assumptions about the delay.

Hi Chris,

The Debconf Team has no control over the timeline of reimbursements by Trusted
Organizations. I have been expedient in processing the reimbursement requests
put in front of me, according to the process set out with the help of Luca
Filipozzi for a supposed better efficiency in processing reimbursements, only
to have them end up in the perennial SPI black hole.

There was not much point sending a notice when all that could be said was
"Well, yes, there is a delay, we have no idea when it'll get through".
Apparently the contracted help has finally been recruited (yesterday!) and
planets are in such an alignment that some reimbursements might get processed
this week. Maybe.

I really feel uncomfortable sending a notice until some tangible progress has
happened, however.
Nicolas Dandrimont

BOFH excuse #218:
The UPS doesn't have a battery backup.

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