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[Debconf-team] Completing the move from DebConf infrastructure to DSA

Dear DSA,

as decided during DC16 and re-iterated during DC17 we would like to
complete the move to DSA hardware from DebConf specific VMs /

The general plan (from our side) is as follows:
There is a lot of historic data spread over many, many old hostnames and
systems in the debconf.org domain (debconf.net wasn't really used in any
recent time).
So we have to migrate what we need and accept a cut-off at some point to
make the task manageable and the remaining infrastructure something that
can be DSA run with good confidence.
Read: We deliberately would like to use this opportunity to clean up a
bit after 20 years of adding things on top of each other.

The following tasks are roughly in order of priority and in a sequence
that can be done one after the other. They do not depend on each other

We need one new VM on DSA hardware (2GB RAM, 10GB disk) to run both
debconf18.debconf.org and wafertest.debconf.org (CNAMES, Apache SNI,
Let's encrypt SSL cert), and access to a PostgreSQL instance. We want to
consolidate prod and test instances on one VM to make testing things
easier for us.
This system will be maintained by the DebConf web team (tumbleweed,
olasd, DLange, ...).

We would like the mailing lists:
Debconf-announce         Debconf Announcements
Debconf-discuss         Discussions about Debconf
Debconf-sponsors-team         DebConf Sponsors Team List
Debconf-team         Organizer Team
Debconf-video Video Team

to be moved from lists.debconf.org to lists.debian.org (including their
mailing list archives). The other lists are obsolete andcan be removed
without replacement.
Once that is done, please decommission the lists.debconf.org mailing lists.
This has been approved by listmasters (formorer 17.09.2017).

The DC17 webpage is currently still being used by pollo to finish the
accounting. That needs the running wafer instance for another month or so.
We will make the DC17 webpage static once accounting and the content
team (linking slides) are finished and submit a tarball for hosting at
static.debian.org with the debconf17.debconf.org CNAME.
Any time after that we would like you to power down and remove the
"itchy" and "scratchy" VMs that ran prod and test instances for the
"wafer" application (Django + postgres) that runs dc*.debconf.org these
The webpage will be converted to a static .tar.gz by the DebConf web
team (tumbleweed in this case) and sent to you as soon as the accounting
catch-up post DC17 is finished.

TASK4(already has an RT ticket, #6836):
We run Kanboard (https://kanboard.net/) <https://kanboard.net/%29>on
kanban.debian.net and would like to continue to use it for DC18 and
other DebConf related task tracking. It currently runs on a private VM
of a DC17 member.
Could you please provide a VM (1GB RAM, 10 GB disk) with php and mariadb
so we can run this on DSA supported hardware?
If you can onlysupport postgres, this will be fine as well (the kanboard
application supports it) but make data migration a bit harder for us.
As other teams would probably benefit from having the tool available
please consider making it kanban (or kanboard).debian.org and providing
it to Debian as a whole.
(pollo is in charge of that request)
This system will be maintained by pollo.

Please move the wiki.debconf.org (kent.debconf.org) instance to DSA
hardware. We will continue the discussion of merging debconf-wiki and
debian-wiki but due to the different wiki engines (mediawiki vs
moinmoin) this is non-trivial and needs further discussion both from
technical (user merging, data conversion, namespacing, ...) and from
procedural (wiki-admin) sides.So please move the instance as is for now.
This system will be maintained by the DebConf wiki team (Kaare and others).

We need a DSA hardware VM / machine for the master node for
video.debian.net / meetings-archive.debian.net (currently
apu.debconf.org). This needs a lot of disk space (currently 1.2TiB
used), for the git-annex repo. ftp.acc.umu.se mirrors this for the public.

vittoria.debian.org is the step before this (the encoding & review
pipeline). They could be colocated, but that would still require a new
large storage volume.
This system will be maintained by the DebConf video team (tumbleweed,
olasd, pollo, ...).

Please move the contents of media.debconf.org to static.debian.org and
point the CNAME there (the used subdirectories should help make this

We are not sure what to do with annex.debconf.org (which is a git-annex
target used to publish slides etc.). Medium term it should probably be
moved to the alioth successor(salsa).
We would like to get rid of debconf specific infrastructure as much as
possible but this keeps the presentation slides of the last debconfs so
this is worth preserving and keeping URLs working.
Does DSA have advice for us how to achieve keeping the data while not
having yet another system to maintain?

We would like to removegallery.debconf.orgas it is rather
unmaintained.Canwe do an export to staticorgit-annex(see Task 8)
Breaking URLs is not much of an issue here but the contents should be
preserved. git-annex is where these images end up mostly for recent

If you are o.k. with the overall approach and the task list we can
create individual RT tickets where they don't exist yet for you to track
the progress.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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