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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-sponsors-team] Job Fair: team input please


I don't want to introduce too much noise, so if this topic has been
discussed, please just say so.

> >>1. Stand space - do we have set limits?
> >We stayed clear from taping boundaries onto the ground, but we
> >measured the available space, did the maths and communicated the
> >area expectations to the sponsors. It all worked out and while some
> >sponsors used up more space than others, nobody complained or got
> >into each others' way.
> >
> >I'd still think it's necessary to communicate the rules up front so
> >that it's easier to enact when necessary.
> >
> >If you're planning 2×2 as your e-mail said, then that's pretty
> >tight. I'd probably go for 3×3 instead if possible, and also
> >communicate that there'll be 1–2m between stalls of space.
> You usually want a hierarchy so (suggestion!):
> Silver: 2m width (up to 1m depth), we provide a standing table and two high
> chairs
> Gold: 3m width (up to 1m depth), we provide a standing table and three high
> chairs
> Platinum: 4m width (up to 1.5m depth), we provide a two standing tables and
> four high chairs
> (...)

While some of you know I am not exactly happy with the job fair idea,
I will push my issues with it aside ;-)

I think the job fair is not exactly aligned with the interest of
sponsors. I mean, we have two very different events and causes for
them to participate: One is to secure presence in a world-class,
clearly recognizable development conference, and the other is to hire
people. Sponsors are sometimes local, mostly global. I expect that
companies interested in the job fair (specially as they have to
provide people for interviewing and all that) will mostly be local.

I guess this will be one of the points where we have a clearer
difference between what happens in "central" countries, as Germany
last year, and in "peripheric" countries, as South Africa.

So... While I agree that sponsors deserve a space in the fair if they
so desire, I think the job fair should be more open to local
companies, even if they are not our sponsors. This could be done by
selling stand space by itself. Of course, stands would then need to be
cheaper than our Bronze sponsorship level.

As we just state in the brochure that Silver, Gold and Platinum get
"Space at our job fair", I think this could be implemented as having a
basic space allotted — Say, we could "sell" 1m² at US$500 (so what I'd
consider as a minimum workable space, around 3m², would be worth
US$1500); Silver gets 3m² included, Gold gets 4m², Platinum gets 5m²
(that'd be US$1500 to US$2500 value). But anybody could decide to
increase their size by buying space, if they think it's in their best

I just came up with this idea without thinking much about it, and it
might be holding a lot of water... But please comment on it!

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