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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf Dinner - Aquarium Booked

Hi All 

Aquarium is booked and met with the Events Manager to see the Venue and layout they will set 180 - 200 people around the New Predator Tank at the new Venue area that they have built, there will be a Bar and Beer on Tap - she suggested Stellenbrau
But Maybe Mark could supply his beers? The other 50 people they will be on the other side of the tank area. 

We have worked out the entrance for Canapes and Drinks while we wait for everyone to arrive then they will be taken through the new Jellyfish forest (quite beautiful!) 

We need to work out the budget for Drinks on the evening, she was happy with a Card system where we punch  the cards and if we want Wine or Juice on the tables etc. 

Payment: We need to make 25% payment as the booking fee, 25% 7 days before the event as well as give her the Special Dietary requirements. and the other 50% on the Day of the event. 

They give us the basics tables with table cloths, chairs crockery cutlery glasses, but any additional decor we would need to do - I have a cheap idea for this but we can all decide. And she suggested Candles to lighten up the room because the lighting is not enough. 

I'll send a separate email with all the details, final pricing etc. 


Tammy 082 674  9764

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