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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-sponsors-team] Job Fair: team input please

Am 20.04.2016 um 11:30 schrieb martin f krafft:
1. Stand space - do we have set limits?
We stayed clear from taping boundaries onto the ground, but we
measured the available space, did the maths and communicated the
area expectations to the sponsors. It all worked out and while some
sponsors used up more space than others, nobody complained or got
into each others' way.

I'd still think it's necessary to communicate the rules up front so
that it's easier to enact when necessary.

If you're planning 2×2 as your e-mail said, then that's pretty
tight. I'd probably go for 3×3 instead if possible, and also
communicate that there'll be 1–2m between stalls of space.
You usually want a hierarchy so (suggestion!):

Silver: 2m width (up to 1m depth), we provide a standing table and two high chairs

Gold: 3m width (up to 1m depth), we provide a standing table and three high chairs

Platinum: 4m width (up to 1.5m depth), we provide a two standing tables and four high chairs

We are happy for you to bring roll-up displays to decorate your stall.
If you want to bring your own booth please make sure it fits within the boundary box.

Bronze+ sponsors also have access to our job wall which is on display from June 27th until July 9th.
Please mail up to three (different) posters up to A3 size each to:
[Insert mailing address onsite UCT taking packages for us and storing them securely.]

3. Any general requirements?
Do not make a job fair outside of where people are walking during the day, it will see too little traffic.
On the way to and from then presentations halls is ideal.

As said earlier - 4h is enough for people that have to stand around and talk to a hundred new faces in that time. You can make it 2x4h on Sat. and Sun. _if_ you can generate enough local people to come and visit the job fair. For the DebConf participants just one half day (4h e.g on Sun.) would be enough.

Small rooms nearby to go and have a quick private conversation are helpful. But they need to be within 1-2min walking distance.

Having a storage room for swag (and parts of the booth if multiple days) nearby is very helpful.

We used fulfillment@ as the contact point for sponsors of DC15 after they had committed. There were more than 100 questions mostly around the job fair, swag/bag access and mailing stuff logistics handled so I suggest doing the same for DC16 to keep the noise off sponsors@ with its RT backend.

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