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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf-sponsors-team] Job Fair: team input please

also sprach Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> [2016-04-20 10:54 +0200]:
> Our first local Silver sponsor is making us work very hard :) but I
> think this is an excellent opportunity to build partnerships and find
> out how best to interact with sponsors. Their main interest is the job
> fair, and they have some questions, that I would like your input on
> please:

These are all not new points and it's a real shame that we have not
written up our experience for the final report, or elsewhere.

> 1. Stand space - do we have set limits?

We stayed clear from taping boundaries onto the ground, but we
measured the available space, did the maths and communicated the
area expectations to the sponsors. It all worked out and while some
sponsors used up more space than others, nobody complained or got
into each others' way.

I'd still think it's necessary to communicate the rules up front so
that it's easier to enact when necessary.

If you're planning 2×2 as your e-mail said, then that's pretty
tight. I'd probably go for 3×3 instead if possible, and also
communicate that there'll be 1–2m between stalls of space.

> 2. Finger food allowed?

In our case it wasn't possible due to the regulations by the hostel.
That'll be the main thing to check. But at the same time, we also
have a liability as organisers and should make sure that the finger
food is professionally prepared and served, and not be afraid to ask
for documentation proving basic food standards.

> 3. Any general requirements?

Setup and teardown times

Other than that, I'd suggest to communicate to people that you're
open to anything but that you'd ask sponsors to engage up front if
they want to do something beyond the ordinary. I think your (quoted)
e-mail did a good job at that. But what did you mean with "no naked
ladies"?? Can there be naked men? ;)

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