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Re: [Debconf-team] [Protest] Changes should come from within the team and not from above

> On 28 Aug 2015, at 13:44, Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> wrote:

> If the team decides that I'm not the best person to lead the
> coordination team, I'm perfectly happy to step aside and let someone
> else do it. If the chairs decide this without even explaining to me
> why, then I'm not going to go away quietly.

As i told you already, we don’t want to remove you. We misunderstood your mail (of 3 days ago, coordination section, third paragraph, which is the exact opposite of your previous comment), so we didn’t communicate previously with you. We are sorry for this error.

But like DC15 team repeated: past is past. So let’s improve for the future. Let’s go on.

But if you want to continue the discussion, let’s go in private, ok? [I feel we are discussing too personal matters here.]


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