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[Debconf-team] Length of morning sessions (was: General schedule proposal for dc15)

also sprach Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> [2014-09-21 18:00 +0200]:
> > Finally, there was the idea of having a 10:00-10:30 plenary slot
> > every morning for announcements and raffles,
> This hasn't been agreed on.

I was pretty sure we had mostly agreed on this being a good idea.
What sort of agreement do you want? This is something worthwhile
trying out, so why drag our feet?

> I do agree on the raffle and the announcements and stuff, but not
> on devoting half an hour for that. I strongly doubt we will have
> 30 minutes of announcements and raffling will definitely not take
> that long.

I think you are underestimating the time it takes to fill and clear
a large venue room. If you are suggesting starting this at 9:45,
then I can tell you with almost certainty that we are not always
going to manage to start this on time, and even if we only take
5 minutes, it'll be a rush to get people out and settled into the
other rooms for the next session to start at 10. And those 5 minutes
are over very quickly, and the raffle could easily take up a bit of
that time. And then when you actually have some announcements to
make, you will also find that those 5 minutes are over before you
know it, effectively having to be cut short or delaying the next

Giving yourself half an hour instead doesn't mean you have to fill
it. It means you could if you needed to, but if you are done after
10 minutes, people can chat or fetch coffee and leisurely stroll on
for the next session to begin in time.

Are we going to be this short on time that we have to compress those
sessions to the absolute minimum, before having even tried it?

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