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Re: [Debconf-team] General schedule proposal for dc15


On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:
>> 8 hours during weekends
> I think we should not overload the weekend that much.

I'm not sure why, so I'd like to hear more on this point.
Particularly for the Opening Weekend, we are anticipating a larger
amount of people, that would come only for the talks.  It's possible
that this assumption is wrong, but given that it's in the middle of
Germany, I do think we will get quite a lot of "visitors" during the
weekend, for whom talks will be the most interesting.

Regardless of visitors, I do share the feeling expressed by madduck
that at first people are mostly looking for talks and as time passes
and new projects come up, they need more free time to work on.  From
this point of view it also makes more sense to have more talks on the
weekend and less afterwards.

I do agree that 8 hours might be a bit too much and reducing that to 7
would be fine.  However, doing much less than that would be a real
disservice to the attendees.

> We could do this again for the closing
> day afternoon session and skip the closing session (or demote it to
> hacking time).

Why would you skip the closing session?  It's one of the few sessions
that everyone attends, and it gives a sense of closure.  I don't think
how we would be better skipping it.

> We should probably also not start too early on the first day, depending
> on how build-up is planned.

If "build-up" is video-team setup, it should definitely not happen on
that day, but on the previous days.

> Also, I assumed we'd have some keynotes on
> the opening weekend.  This would mean quite a bit less than 16 hours (in
> two rooms) of talks during the weekends.

True, but they shouldn't be all keynotes either.

> Finally, there was the idea of having a 10:00-10:30 plenary slot every
> morning for announcements and raffles,

This hasn't been agreed on.  I do agree on the raffle and the
announcements and stuff, but not on devoting half an hour for that.  I
strongly doubt we will have 30 minutes of announcements and raffling
will definitely not take that long.  I'd do it 15 minutes before the
first session, without reducing the time (i.e. 9:45)

> My proposal would be to at least have the Monday (and maybe Tuesday)
> afternoon sessions be talk slots as well.  In my experience, people come
> up with good ad-hoc ideas during the conference (well, or DebCamp) and
> we should thin out talks towards the end.

I think this might be an acceptable solution.

One thing to keep in mind is that we don't know what talks we might
get (i.e. if we hypothetically have 70 slots, we might receive 100
talks as well as 50), so we will likely need some flexibility into
accommodating the number of talks that the talks team accepts.


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