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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure


On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 7:55 AM, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:

>  * Job fair: do we have some idea of how much this will cost to accommodate?

The specifics of the job fair are not in the brochure, but our idea of
how this is going to work is that it will be during one limited period
of time (e.g. one morning or one afternoon) during the opening
weekend, in one sector of the venue that will be selected for the job
fair, so that people that are not interested may avoid it.

We haven't yet decided whether we are going to allow full sized booths
or rather tables + banners/rollups, this depends a lot on how many
sponsors decide to participate in the job fair.

I don't expect the cost of accommodating the job fair will be more
than a little bit of planning regarding space and tables.

As said, we haven't worked out the details, it depends a lot on how
many sponsors say that they will be present at the job fair.

>    For instance, suppose for some reason we got no gold or platinum sponsors
>    next year and all of our sponsorship came from contributors at the silver
>    level; and all of these came in at the silver level.

I'm not sure I follow your reasoning.  Are you saying that because of
the job fair starting at silver all sponsors will only want silver?

If we get no platinum or gold, we are going to have a bad time, but
that's totally independent of the job fair so I fail to see how it's

>  * Showcase booth: how do we expect this to differ from the job fair itself?
>    I.e.: why are these two different perks - will they be located in
>    different spaces?  Also, same question as for the job fair, what does it
>    cost us to offer this to sponsors?

Yes, the showcase booth will be in a more prominent place than the job
fair. The only cost is giving those sponsors extra space (but that's
why it's limited to the opening weekend), and maybe some extra time
for coordinating with them, but they will need to handle the
construction of the booth and all that themselves.

Are you thinking of some extra cost that I fail to see?

>  * Raffle: this says "one item during the daily morning assembly".  Is this
>    one per day, or one for the whole week?  Should this vary by sponsorship
>    level?  What does the team plan to do if a top-level sponsor has more
>    than one item that they want to raffle?  If someone organizes their own
>    raffle via debconf-discuss, what will you do?

In general, I think we are happy raffling stuff. If we get two items
per day instead of one (or two items on some days, or even three) it
would not be a problem.

The idea is to have the raffle just before the first plenary session,
so that people will wake up and be there for the first talk, and we
are encouraging sponsors to give us stuff to raffle. It doesn't mean
that they can't do the raffle on their own if they want, but rather
that they know that they can also do this.

>  * Cheese & Wine party: prior to DC14, when Oregon liquor regulations
>    necessitated a more active involvement by the team in securing a venue,
>    the C&W party has to my understanding always been an unofficial event
>    organized at no additional cost to the conference.  I think it
>    significantly changes the character of the event to make it an officially
>    sponsored thing.  Do we have no prospects of this being a self-organized
>    event, perhaps off-site?

We have worked out the details with the hostel that will allow us to
host the C&W on-site, at a cost of €2.5 per person for
cutlery+cleaning. This means a cost of €1000 if we were to get 400

Having seen how well received the sponsoring by Puppet Labs was this
year, I don't see why it would be a problem to have a similarly
non-intrusive sponsoring next year.

Again, details haven't been worked out but I would imagine the
sponsorship would amount to:
 1) "Cheese & Wine party, sponsored by [foo]" to appear in schedule entries
 2) Rollups or banners during the party itself.

Would this really change the character of the event? I think the
character of the event already changed significantly when it became an
official thing, organized by the DebConf organizers instead of an
unofficial tongue-in-cheek thing done by the attendees for themselves.

>  * Snacks and beverages / coffee, tea, mate:  my understanding of most of
>    these "additional sponsorship opportunities" was that it made sense to
>    have them directly sponsored to avoid problems for them being paid by the
>    DC15 non-profit.  But these are clearly not exceptional expenses for a
>    conference; so why offer them for line-item sponsorship?

I don't understand this question, you are answering it yourself in the
first part of the paragraph.


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