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Re: [Debconf-team] RFC: (Hopefully) Last draft of the dc15 sponsorship brochure

Just a few inline comments, in addition to Marga's reply:

also sprach Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2014-09-07 07:55 +0200]:
>  * Job fair: do we have some idea of how much this will cost to
>  accommodate?

We have the room for it anyway, since we are renting the whole venue
(and they have agreed that we can do this without asking for more
money), so the only costs are going to be tables, decoration,
signage, etc., and I believe most of this can be diverted to the

>  * Showcase booth: how do we expect this to differ from the job
>  fair itself? I.e.: why are these two different perks - will they
>  be located in different spaces?  Also, same question as for the
>  job fair, what does it cost us to offer this to sponsors?

Different spaces and different purpose: the job fair is in
a secluded area conducive to more private and longer conversations,
and only lasts a few hours. The showcase booth is right in the
entrance area and allows companies to represent themselves
throughout the entire weekend. Wrt costs, see above.

>  * Raffle: this says "one item during the daily morning assembly".  Is this
>    one per day, or one for the whole week?

Ideally, one per day, depends obviously on what we get.

>    Should this vary by sponsorship level?  What does the team plan
>    to do if a top-level sponsor has more than one item that they
>    want to raffle?

We discussed this and decided not to make this dependent on
sponsorship levels, just because it didn't feel right. Rather, there
is no upper limit. If we get 42 items, we can raffle 6 off every day
of a week, or so.

> If someone organizes their own raffle via debconf-discuss, what
> will you do?

In general, I think we should be more prepared to handle sponsors
using our infrastructure. I personally would not let HP invite
attendees to drinks using our mailing list, without paying us for
it, but others disagree with that.

So yes, we should come up with a policy here. But OTOH, I cannot
imagine why anyone would want to stage a competitor-raffle, given
that ours would get a lot more visibility.

>  * Cheese & Wine party: prior to DC14, when Oregon liquor regulations
>    necessitated a more active involvement by the team in securing a venue,
>    the C&W party has to my understanding always been an unofficial event
>    organized at no additional cost to the conference.  I think it
>    significantly changes the character of the event to make it an officially
>    sponsored thing.  Do we have no prospects of this being a self-organized
>    event, perhaps off-site?

Marga already responded to this, but to the last point: suggestions
welcome. I don't know of any space in Heidelberg that would host us
for free, or sponsor our event like Puppetlabs did. Even the
university next door would want money, and would impose rules. So
having it on site with special permission for 2,50 €/person seems
like the best deal, also in terms of what it means for the
conference and keeping people together socially.

>  * Snacks and beverages / coffee, tea, mate:  my understanding of most of
>    these "additional sponsorship opportunities" was that it made sense to
>    have them directly sponsored to avoid problems for them being paid by the
>    DC15 non-profit.  But these are clearly not exceptional expenses for a
>    conference; so why offer them for line-item sponsorship?

No conference I know of can subsides alcoholic drinks, or bar
prices, unless this is budgeted and comes from attendees'
pre-payments. Certainly, this won't work for a non-profit. Surely,
we can offer coffee and tea (and this is already
provided/organised), but why would we want to stop a sponsor who
wants to ensure we get coffee specialities and a barrista, rather
than drip coffee? Or a sponsor who wants to subsidise bar prices?

The important thing to keep in mind here is that we are talking
about optional things. We'll have the basis. Anything on top paid
for by a sponsor will improve the experience. And I see no reason
not to let people know that a sponsor thought this was a relevant
improvement for our conference. Am I overlooking something?

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