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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf 13 room planning (talks, hacklabs, bar, ...)


My name is Benedit Trefzer, most of you will not yet know me. I'm part
of the bar team for debconf and I write this mail on behalf of the bar team.
The bar team visited le camp yesterday, to become familiar with the bar
infrastructure (citchen, space etc.).

For us it is evident to have a decision about the location of the bar
really soon since this depends on the organisation of the bar and the
ordering of supplemental things needed.

Let me shortly describe the  two possibilities:

Bar@le carré:
- Size: 72m2
- Capacity: 50 probably less, since we need some space for the
  bar itself.
- kitchen in the basement.

After the visit there are the following major issues with bar@le_carré:
- 50 Person is the absolute maximum possible (not seated).
- entrance is small (normal door) and conflicts with the citchen
  stairs. There is only one entrance. This will probably lead to
  deadlooks at the entrance.
- There is no possibility to sit outside near le caré
- No balcony to extend

To solve this, we have forseen to rent a tent to have a second place
somewhere else outside (place is subject to decide) where one can have a
This means:
- Adittional costs for rent of tent (only for bar infrastructure, not
  for guests (you)).
- guests@tent are outside, no chairs/tables.
- complex logistic (transport, etc). needs more staff
- On rainy conditions there is a big problem.

Bar@rotonde, upper floor:
- Size: 150m2
- Capacity: according Gaudenz: 120
- kitchen on the same floor, directly accessible
- balcony which will be used t oextend capacity
- Possibility to sit and have a beer around the building.
- rotonde is in the middle of the area
- rotonde has the best (spectacular) view to the lake and the alps !

If it is possible to have the bar in rotonde, a tent to extend the
capacity is not necessary. This leads to simpler logistic etc.

The bar team votes for bar in rotonde.
We are aware of the fact, that the bar is not the most important part of
the organisation. So we'd like to clearly state, it is possible to
organise Bar@le carré but....

The most important thing for us is to have a decision soon, so things
can get organized.

Cheers and let us meet @bar

Benedikt and bar team

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