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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf 13 room planning (talks, hacklabs, bar, ...)

Quoting Benedikt Trefzer (trefzer@a2x.ch):
> Hi
> My name is Benedit Trefzer, most of you will not yet know me. I'm part
> of the bar team for debconf and I write this mail on behalf of the bar team.
> The bar team visited le camp yesterday, to become familiar with the bar
> infrastructure (citchen, space etc.).
> For us it is evident to have a decision about the location of the bar
> really soon since this depends on the organisation of the bar and the
> ordering of supplemental things needed.
> Let me shortly describe the  two possibilities:

And here comes bubulle wearing a hat with "cheese" and "wine"
blinking alternatively.

>From your description, it seems that the location chosen for the bar
might be a very good place to hold the cheese and wine party as

By experience, the cheese and wine party (to be scheduled, yet, with a
preference of mine for Monday 12th or Tuesday 13th) brings together
about 2/3 of Debconfers.

So, the Rotonde sounds like it could be The Place. But of course,
people who visited Le Camp and already attended a few Debconfs will
know if I'm right. In short, the ideal place is something like the
place we had last year at DC12. And a much less ideal place is what we
had at DC11 (a few too small rooms connected together), though we had
there the very first and very special "Debconf fondue"....which, of
course we had to do again in the pays de la fondue.

It is anyway very likely that I volunteer to join the bar team so
we'll have opportunities to organise and discuss things

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