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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf bursaries procedures 2013

David Bremner dijo [Sat, Jun 08, 2013 at 04:15:36PM -0300]:
> Hi all;
> Several messages on the "herb" private alias suggested this discussion
> should happen publicly but I don't think that happened yet. So I will
> try to repeat my impressions of what was discussed so far.
> Also, I want to push things forward a bit.

Thanks a lot. Yes, I have by and large failed to lead on anything this
year. We should have already went over this, both regarding the work
on list and the in-team discussion.

> This year we have enough travel sponsorship budget to cover all of the
> applications received. Of course we still have a responsibility to use
> Debian's resources wisely, so several people proposed the following procedure.
> - Each member of the bursaries ("herb") team will examine the
>   applications and make a list of any that they think should (perhaps) not
>   be sponsored. We will then have an IRC meeting to reach concensus on
>   these cases. Personally I think it would be most productive if people
>   can share their list of "concerns" before the meeting. 

*BEEP* Swift interruption in benefit of our whole community: "Herb" is
dead. We should no longer refer to the team as Herb, but as
"Bursaries". The right alias for this team is
bursaries@debconf.org. Yes, the nime might not be optimal, but at
least it means *something*.

> One question that came up is partial sponsorship. My personal opinion is
> that question "Travel sponsorship needed in order for me to attend
> DebConf" is relatively clear, and that it implies that amounts smaller
> than that would not be helpful.  On the other hand, I thought it was
> clear before too. Since we have the budget, granting such partial
> funding would not deprive others of funding, so we could offer it with a
> short response deadline.

I share your point of view. If we requested people for the amount they
need to get to DebConf, that's what we should approve, or reject it
altogether. We tried to secure partial sponsorship several years ago
so we could reach more people, but IIRC it was not regardd as a
successful idea.

> This is mainly about travel sponsorship; as it turns out, the procedure
> is roughly the same as what has been done in recent years for
> accomodation sponsorship.

Right, accomodation should very soon follow. But for now, lets focus
on the topic at hand.

I will right now start working on a mail to the bursaries' team with
my point of view on each of the requests, and hope we can kick the
process. I expect it to be short.

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