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Re: [Debconf-team] debconf bursaries procedures 2013

On 2013-06-08 20:15, David Bremner wrote:
- Each member of the bursaries ("herb") team will examine the
applications and make a list of any that they think should (perhaps) not be sponsored. We will then have an IRC meeting to reach concensus on these cases. Personally I think it would be most productive if people
  can share their list of "concerns" before the meeting.

This seems fine to me, as long as it is viewed as a pragmatic optimisation of a ranking procedure -- as you say, we shouldn't just automatically give money to everyone even if we have enough, but compiling a full ranking is unnecessary.

One question that came up is partial sponsorship. My personal opinion is
that question "Travel sponsorship needed in order for me to attend
DebConf" is relatively clear, and that it implies that amounts smaller
than that would not be helpful.

I'm not sure what is being thought of here, but certainly part of the process ought to be to check that the requested amounts are sensible. I can see that in cases where they're not, it could make sense to assign a lower amount in the interim and seek clarification. On the other hand, if the idea is simply "person X is not worth the amount requested", it's probably more correct not to assign a travel bursary than to assign something less than the "needed" amount.


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