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[Debconf-team] Proposal for DebConf13's Debian Day

Hi there,

Raphaël and myself have been working on the DebConf13's Debian Day: you
can find below a proposal with the opening questions.

First of all, the wiki page is available at:


OPEN QUESTION 1: the date.

It was decided that the DebianDay should happen the same day as the
Debian birthday (i.e. 2013-08-16), to have a continuum with the party.
However, when Raphaël and myself discussed about this we agreed that
doing anything for the public on a week day (2013-08-16 is a Friday)
means that we are targeting a subpopulation: those who work will not be
able to attend.  This is why we thought about Saturday 2013-08-10, the
day before the DebConf13's opening.

Another reason for the decision to separate the two events was that
no one had already shown interest in organizing the Debian party and
we did not want to do both.

OPEN QUESTION 2: the location.

Actually, the open question is not about the city where to have the
Debian Day (Neuchâtel is the closest to the venue and also the capital
of the canton where Vaumarcus is), but more about the venue.  Our
requirements are an auditorium for 200 persons maximum and 2 workshop
rooms.  With this in mind, the best venue would be HES-SO Arc, despite
the fact that the main auditorium is for ~100 persons only.  However,
the main advantage is that HES-SO Arc is next to the rail station and
thus easily reachable even by people new to Neuchâtel:


Raphaël established a first contact and he is checking the availability
as well as a possible official endorsement from them.

OPEN QUESTION 3: the program.

This question is strictly related to the targeted public: the first
program on the wiki assumes that the attendees are not so deeply
involved with Debian, thus differently from the ones participating at

We divided the day into three parts: the morning and the afternoon there
will be talks, while in between there will be install parties and
workshops, in collaboration with other FLOSS/hacking-related
associations present in the canton (e.g. FabLab from HES-SO Arc, even if
we have had any news from them lately).

For the talks, the morning will offer an introduction to FLOSS and
Debian, while during the afternoon will be mostly centered on evidences
of Debian usage (e.g. educational/national entities or "cool" projects
like cloud).

Obviously, we still need to send a "Call for Paper" for this.

OPEN QUESTION 4: video coverage.

We have not yet asked to debconf-video@, since we were not sure this is

OPEN QUESTION 5: food & beverage.

It would be good to have something to offer during the workshop.  This
will not be in any way a full meal and we could even think about having
them available upon a donation to the Debian project.

OPEN QUESTION 6: sponsor implication.

The Canton of Neuchâtel being a gold sponsor for DebConf13, we thought
that it was obvious to have it at the opening ceremony for DebianDay.
However, what about the other sponsors?  Should we invite some of them?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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