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Re: [Debconf-team] Proposal for DebConf13's Debian Day

Hi Luca,

Thanks for putting the needed work into this!

> OPEN QUESTION 1: the date.
> It was decided that the DebianDay should happen the same day as the
> Debian birthday (i.e. 2013-08-16), to have a continuum with the party.
> However, when Raphaël and myself discussed about this we agreed that
> doing anything for the public on a week day (2013-08-16 is a Friday)
> means that we are targeting a subpopulation: those who work will not be
> able to attend.  This is why we thought about Saturday 2013-08-10, the
> day before the DebConf13's opening.

Sounds somewhat strange for me, but it is a reasonable concern. Also,
DebianDay attendance has historically had low attendance numbers, so
it is a concern that should clearly be addressed.

> Another reason for the decision to separate the two events was that
> no one had already shown interest in organizing the Debian party and
> we did not want to do both.

...I somehow have confidence the party will, if nothing else happens,
self-organize. Also, it can be the date for the conference banquet or
whatever "natural" way we find to celebrate.

> OPEN QUESTION 2: the location.
> Actually, the open question is not about the city where to have the
> Debian Day (Neuchâtel is the closest to the venue and also the capital
> of the canton where Vaumarcus is), but more about the venue.  Our
> requirements are an auditorium for 200 persons maximum and 2 workshop
> rooms.  With this in mind, the best venue would be HES-SO Arc, despite
> the fact that the main auditorium is for ~100 persons only.  However,
> the main advantage is that HES-SO Arc is next to the rail station and
> thus easily reachable even by people new to Neuchâtel:

Ok. Again, if history serves us as an indicator, I'm fine with
settling for ~100 people. It would be nice if a registration could be
run to have more realistic expectations as to what to expect, but I
don't know if it is worth implementing.

> OPEN QUESTION 3: the program.
> (...)
> For the talks, the morning will offer an introduction to FLOSS and
> Debian, while during the afternoon will be mostly centered on evidences
> of Debian usage (e.g. educational/national entities or "cool" projects
> like cloud).
> Obviously, we still need to send a "Call for Paper" for this.

It can be via the response to an open CfP, or it can be a program
built by invitation to speakers covering the wanted aspects of Debian.

Thanks again - Of course, hoping to have costs for this when you get them!

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