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[Debconf-team] [DC14] Committee Decision Meeting: Friday 2013-04-05 18:00UTC

Hi all, and sorry for the explicit mail to all of you who follow the
debconf-team mailing list.

So, with 13 people having answered, the Doodle poll for our next
committee meeting is closed. The DebConf14 Committee Decision Meeting
will take place on: (explicit list as it seems some people had
timezone problems — Many of our countries are facing a timezone change
between now and then, be aware!)

Location: #debconf-team 
IRC network: OFTC (irc.oftc.net, irc.debian.org)
Date: Friday 2013-04-05
Time: 17:00 UTC

Now... as for the specific timezone conversions: Some of our countries
will enter the Summer timezone between now and the meeting, some
already have. I found Doodle's interface to be somewhat unclear in
this regard. Steve Langasek kindly made me understand the most basic
math and arithmetic, but *please* check whether the stated dates match
your answers. I hope that the only person who fell in this trap is
Christian Perrier (and can thus attend the meeting even though he is
marked as "won't attend") ;-)

So, according to the Time and Date converter¹, we shall meet at:

Auckland (New Zealand)	   6:00:00 AM (Sat) +1300
London (United Kingdom)    6:00:00 PM	    +0100
Paris (France)  	   07:00:00 PM      +0200
Montreal (Canada)          01:00:00 PM	    -0400
Caracas (Venezuela)        12:30:00 PM	    -0430
Mexico City (Mexico)	   11:00:00 AM      -0600
Portland (U.S.A.)     	   10:00:00 AM      -0700

Add your country/timezone freely ;-)

¹ http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20130405T17&p1=0&p2=22&p3=136&p4=195&p5=58&p6=165&p7=155&p8=202

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