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[Debconf-team] Next IRC DebConf meetings poll result

Hi all!

Le dimanche, 17 mars 2013 15.24:43, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a écrit :
> as agreed in the previous meeting (and sorry for my delay), here's a poll
> for the next DebConf team IRC meeting:
> 	https://doodle.com/igh59zc27i9uup2c

According to the above poll, the best generally available time is

	Friday 21h CET - 20h UTC

I assume that after the entering of most continental european countries to 
CEST (after the lastest sunday in March), we'd keep the 21h local time, making 
it 19h UTC.

That said, given that the next Friday is "Good Friday" and is off in most 
Swiss cantons (making the picked timeframe particularily bad for the swiss 
members of the team), I propose to have our monthly meeting on

	Monday 25. March - 18h UTC - 19h CET

If that's too short notice, the next timeslot I see is Friday 5. April, 
21h CEST. I have therefore added the team meeting to the ics agenda but am 
open to postponing it to early April if that's needed.


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