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[Debconf-team] Next IRC DebConf meetings poll

Hi all!

as agreed in the previous meeting (and sorry for my delay), here's a poll for 
the next DebConf team IRC meeting:


Please fill it with the following assumptions:

- although it's a poll with specific dates which will be used to decide the
   next team meeting, please fill it with your generic availability in mind:
- "green" (yes) means: "I don't have a regular blocker at that time and can
   generally be available" (> 66% chance)
- "yellow" (maybe) means: "I do sometimes have a blocker at that time, but I
   might be available depending on the specific week ( > 33%; <= 66% chance).
- "red" (no) means: "I have a regular blocker at that time, making it usually
   impossible for me to attend" ( <= 33% chance).
- Please fill it before Friday 22.

Many thanks, cheers,


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