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Re: [Debconf-team] What is Debian Day vs DebConf vs DebCamp.

Leandro Gómez dijo [Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 08:04:53AM -0600]:
> > Quite different audiences and models of participation.  This separation
> > is important: we don't *want* DebConf attendees to think that "Debian
> > Day" is intended for their consumption.
> Well, as I see it, Debian Day is a 'developers-meets-users' thing, where the
> Debian Developers have the opportunity to talk about all the cool stuff they
> do in Debian and get people excited about it (and even motivate some of them
> to start contributing to the Debian Project).

I share this preference... But many DDs don't. Possibly we could offer
sponsored lodging/food to anybody arriving on Friday 6 (if DebianDay
is moved to Saturday 7) without requiring any sort of workplan,
explicitly inviting them to take part of DebianDay, but without mixing
it with DebConf?

> I understand that some of you can see it as a 'waste of time', as it takes
> one day off the DebConf week, but it has been like that for the past three
> DebConfs. If having the Debian Day as part of DebConf is an issue, I guess
> we can change it to the last day of DebCamp. Logistically speaking, it would
> mean to rent the conference spaces for an additional day, but other than
> that, I think we're fine with it.

No, if it were a waste of time, we would just stop holding DebianDay,
period. It is an important outreach event, and I think it has produced
good results.

While it is also not the same as DebCamp, DebCamp work pace can be
held while there is a DebianDay going on, so we have often seen it as
compatible. Now that you point to DC11's dates, I guess this should
have been the explicit case - It is a bit contradictory to me to say
"DebConf begins / Debian Day / DebConf participants are encouraged to
arrive this day" - If DebConf begins that day, participants should
have been encouraged to arrive a day earlier, right? :)


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