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Re: [Debconf-team] What is Debian Day vs DebConf vs DebCamp.


On Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> I share this preference... But many DDs don't. Possibly we could offer
> sponsored lodging/food to anybody arriving on Friday 6 (if DebianDay
> is moved to Saturday 7) without requiring any sort of workplan,
> explicitly inviting them to take part of DebianDay, but without mixing
> it with DebConf?

totally. and those people will work anyway ;-)

Maybe the work will be arriving and relaxing traveling, listen to Debian Day 
talks, have some chats. Maybe the work will be coding. Maybe they'll sit in th 
auditorium, maybe the'll sit in the hacklab, and maybe, even somewhere else!!

A $workplan during DebCamp also doesnt mean the same thing for different 
people :-) And anyway, I totally agree that we should make it clear that there 
is no workplan requirement for DebianDay and that attendence (how/whereever, 
see above) is appreciated!
> No, if it were a waste of time, we would just stop holding DebianDay,
> period. It is an important outreach event, and I think it has produced
> good results.

> It is a bit contradictory to me to say
> "DebConf begins / Debian Day / DebConf participants are encouraged to
> arrive this day" - If DebConf begins that day, participants should
> have been encouraged to arrive a day earlier, right? :)



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