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[Debconf-team] Arrival/Departure days for DebConf12


As suggested by moray at today's global team meeting, I'm starting this thread so we can discuss exact arrival days/departure days for DebConf12.

DebConf12 will be held on 1-14 July 2012. DebCamp starts on Sunday 1st July and ends on Saturday 7th July. DebConf starts Sunday 8th July and ends on Saturday 14th July.

Taking a look at http://debconf11.debconf.org/dates.xhtml possible dates for dc12 could be:

* Sunday 1st July: First day of DebCamp and First day for sponsored food+room (only for people with a work plan for DebCamp).

* Saturday 7th July: Last day of DebCamp. Regular DebConf participants may arrive this day (and receive sponsored accommodation).

* Sunday 8th July: First day of DebConf. Debian Day.

* Saturday 14th July: Last day of DebConf. Last day of sponsored food, and last night for sponsored accommodations.

* Sunday 15th July: Clean-up & departures. All attendees must check out of the hotel at latest on the morning of 15 July!


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