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Re: [Debconf-team] DIVA financial status

As an aside: If you could give me contact information for DIVA, then I
could check financial status directly with them in the future.

(see also below)

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 11:25:11AM +0200, Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> Hey Richard,
> > I am working on making sure that DC11's finances are in order.  Could
> > you send me a list of DebConf's current balances and transactions at
> > DIVA?  Itemized by transaction is ideal, if it is easy to do.
> >
> > Off-list is fine if it is itemized to the point of containing attendee
> > names or sponsor names and amounts.
> Since Government has decided to basically cover all the costs they
> haven't made any payments to DIVA regarding DebConf11 yet. When it
> comes to all our local sponsors we got, it's on this weeks plan to get
> all the money from them, as there should couple of new sponsors so
> this process hasn't been finished yet either.

Has sponsors-table been updated with the latest local sponsors
activity?  And the one invoice mentioned there hasn't been paid yet?

Is there still going to be a 10% tax for non-government money leaving
the country?  If so, and if we could get around it by having some
sponsors pay out-of-country directly, it would be worth refining our
budget and considering it.  Our biggest expense so far is travel
sponsorship, which is mostly outside bosnia.

> I'll send you all the information you asked for once I myself have
> more information.


- richard

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