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Re: [Debconf-team] Global DebConf meeting Wednesday Feb 3 @ 21:00 UTC

On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 09:12:48PM -0500, Richard Darst wrote:
> There are a lot of "status updates", which are basically "say stuff in
> irc", and perhaps tend to become monologues (but not archnemesis
> monologues) with one person talking and other people doing other
> things.  I was trying to think of how to make these go faster/have
> less waiting/more interesting.
> Perhaps we could encourage "status updates" to be sent to the list,
> since a status update is inherently broadcast-to-everyone and doesn't
> require interactiveness.
> To implement this, we'd try to add more meeting agenda items that are
> questions instead of "XXX status update".

I agree, believe it or not. And that's why in my email I asked the dc11
people to email their status updates to the list and use their status-check
time in the agenda for questions about those updates. That's the part that
took the bulk of the time during the January meeting, not the dc10 status
updates. (Well, that and dc9 stuff, but should be quicker this time due to
your and Anto's emails.) Admittedly this would have been more feasible if I
had sent the announcement sooner than I did....

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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