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Re: [Debconf-team] Global DebConf meeting Wednesday Feb 3 @ 21:00 UTC

> dc9
>     * Final report status check
>     * Remaining corporate sponsors status check 
> dc11
>     * Status check of each of the three bids 
> dc10
>     * Brief status reports:
>           o Update re Columbia housing meeting (MrBeige)
>           o Corporate sponsorship team, brochure, etc (DrDub or Hydroxide)
>           o Registration & CfP status (Hydroxide) 

There are a lot of "status updates", which are basically "say stuff in
irc", and perhaps tend to become monologues (but not archnemesis
monologues) with one person talking and other people doing other
things.  I was trying to think of how to make these go faster/have
less waiting/more interesting.

Perhaps we could encourage "status updates" to be sent to the list,
since a status update is inherently broadcast-to-everyone and doesn't
require interactiveness.

IRC is best for questions, for example "we have these options, what do
you all think is best?"  Discussions like that would probably get a
lot more participation, and meetings would seem more focused (and
perhaps go faster since each topic has a clear end if once feedback is
in or the question is decided).

To implement this, we'd try to add more meeting agenda items that are
questions instead of "XXX status update".  It would also get people to
think in terms of getting feedback, instead of just saying what they
are going to do.

Just an idea...

- Richard

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