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[Debconf-team] Venue and accommodations status updates


In the spirit of "send status updates to the list before the meeting",
here is the status of various facility-related things as I see them:

- Residence halls: doing all right, we have a contract and it will be
returned by the end of march.  We have a deposit due by then.  Local
people are examining the contract, see previous emails for links.
Buildings will be all single and double rooms.

- Venue: We have three professors serving as our co-sponsors to
reserve facilities.  We have also spoken to an extensive number of
other people around the university in order to sanity check or plans
and minimize the chance of stuff going wrong last minute.

- Venue rooms: talks.  There is a reservation in place for our primary
rooms, and we can reserve more classrooms as time comes closer.  The
main issue would be decide the maximum capacity and maximum number of
simultaneous talks, to ensure that we will get enough space for this.

- Venue: hacklabs/eating.  We also have reservations for these, but
will need to work on increasing our hacklab space as time comes

- Networking: not expected to be a problem, plenty of infrastructure
and the CS dept staff is helpful and enthusiastic.  We will need to
make sure of some exact details of things, but this isn't a concern
for the time being.

To do:

- Meet with faculty sponsors again, and ensure they know about all of
our plans.

- Get more localteam members to work on the specific areas of
preparation.  They don't have to start now, but once things are being
actively worked on in these areas, there can be more detailed status

Feel free to ask any questions on irc or here, though most things are
"in progress" and there are not hard and fast answers.

The biggest question I'd have would be to get better estimates on
maximum capacities we need on the different facilities, in order to
ensure we can meet that.  We can probably know this a little bit
better after registration begins-- so far all we can really do is

- richard

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