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Re: [Debconf-team] Status

On 11047 March 1977, Moray Allan wrote:

> Network: The network creation progressed further today.  There is now
> networking to the BOF rooms, and to what will become the primary hacklab
> space during the DebConf week, using a couple of network cables threaded
> between nearby windows to bridge corridor spaces/floor changes.  The
> wireless network is now up, with authentication -- people will get an
> individual username/password when they register, then enter this (once?)
> into a web form after connecting.

It is once per mac address, so if you have multiple wireless cards you
need to login once for all of them.

There is http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf7/Admin summarizing network
setup details that are interesting for attendees.

> Registration: Temporary badges and temporary food tickets were
> distributed today.  It is hoped that tomorrow morning we'll print final
> food tickets and final badges.  The badge holders should be arriving
> tomorrow.  Some money was collected from "non-sponsored hostel" people.
> We need more volunteers to take turns sitting at the registration desk.
> kevc has been doing a great job there, but he is needed to do other
> jobs.  Registration should be quiet for the next couple of days.  (There
> is a wireless signal from the desk.)

And there is now a cable too, thanks to those running cables. :)

bye Joerg
> 20. What would you do if you wanted to retire from the project?
Remove the passphrase from the (secret) gpg key and post it to
debian-devel. The keyring maintainers will lock the account ASAP.

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