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[Debconf-team] Status

Network: The network creation progressed further today.  There is now
networking to the BOF rooms, and to what will become the primary hacklab
space during the DebConf week, using a couple of network cables threaded
between nearby windows to bridge corridor spaces/floor changes.  The
wireless network is now up, with authentication -- people will get an
individual username/password when they register, then enter this (once?)
into a web form after connecting.

Power: We bought a load of multi-way adaptors for power (we already have
some long reels, though we may need more).  mhy is to speak to venue
staff on Monday about network/power cabling issues, and about getting
additional power capacity broken out from the corners of the rooms.  (We
are currently using the ordinary power sockets on the walls, but more
power was installed for when the rooms are used as temporary theatres.)

Registration: Temporary badges and temporary food tickets were
distributed today.  It is hoped that tomorrow morning we'll print final
food tickets and final badges.  The badge holders should be arriving
tomorrow.  Some money was collected from "non-sponsored hostel" people.
We need more volunteers to take turns sitting at the registration desk.
kevc has been doing a great job there, but he is needed to do other
jobs.  Registration should be quiet for the next couple of days.  (There
is a wireless signal from the desk.)

Food: Today there was again food from the cafe bar rather than the main
canteen, but this time in the evening as well as at lunchtime.  The Loft
Bar, adjacent to the current hacklab space, opened in the evening.

Accommodation: There seem to have been no problems at the hostels so
far.  ana has sold a few more beds that were freed up by cancellations
from sponsored attendees, but needs to synchronise this information with
others including with the data used at the registration desk.


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