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[Debconf-team] Debconf budget status: Money's still tight...

But you knew that already, yes?

Summary for today is in the spreadsheet in svn.


Thanks to Kev and Dave looking up quotes for the needed PA and
projector infrastructure, I've been able to drop down the overly-high
guesstimated budget for that lot by half or so.

Proceedings are not going to cost as much (I assume), as a lot of
people have not asked for paper versions.

T-shirts are covered in Mexico using the Sapotek money and DC6
remnants, as mentioned in the last summary. So I've cancelled those

The ceilidh should be just about sorted; one of the sponsors has
agreed to chip in extra for drinks etc. at the start, which is
cool. :-)

There will be no formal daytrip spending money - we don't need to, as
Edinburgh has a lot of local tourist stuff.

Travel is looking *very* tight, as it's the last pot in terms of
priority at the moment. We have still not paid out the rest of queue A
(GBP 7K, USD 14K), and it looks like we *may* not be able to.


A *major* issue has cropped up - the USD 20K that we expected to come
in from SPI from their DC6 surplus is *actually* going to be USD 7,500
instead - the 20K was a mistake in the maths. :-(

We've also had some issues with a couple of sponsors that mean:

 a) we'll be getting slightly less in than expected
 b) several still have not paid us yet

So we're short on cashflow (temporarily) and also short on (final)
budget at this point. My current best estimates are for this:

Already received in the UK: GBP 57,400
Invoiced, awaiting money:   GBP 17,900

SPI have transferred the outstanding money over already. We're now
waiting on people in the UK/EU to finally get money to us. In the
meantime, I've just asked if we can dip into the USD 10K contingency
fund that AJ approved for us just before the end of his DPL term. And
there's another USD 4K or so that I'm chasing up where our figures
don't match up with SPI at the moment.


TOTAL definite money in     GBP 75,300

TOTAL expected costs        GBP 83,300
(subject to change -
 see sections above)


TOTAL budget state          GBP -8,000

In summary, we're struggling. The conference is clearly going ahead,
but at the moment we're not going to be able to pay the rest of the
travel sponsorship that we've been wanting to. The USD 10K float will
help us to get close. There are some other possible lumps of money
that may get us *just* about on target (money from T-shirts and
keychains, hostel rooms being sold on, reduced costs for venue etc.)
but we can't 100% rely on those at this point - things are too much in
the air to guarantee it. The last few people may be disappointed for
their travel sponsorship yet, and we're going to be *very* close to
the wire.

Sam - if you can OK that USD 10K float again for us to use, I think
that will probably make all the difference.

/me heads to bed...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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We don't need no thought control.

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