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[Debconf-team] Meeting summary for last DC7 meeting before DebCamp

These are the minutes from today's meeting.

Regarding finances, money from SPI is still arriving. The left-overs
from DC6 were much smaller than expected.  Some extra details
regarding money transfers need to be sorted out. The sponsorship team
is working on this.

Regarding audio/video: we have had quotes for speakers, amps, cables,
stands and radio mics for both presenters and to be passed around in
the audience, from two audio companies: SI Sound and Lighting and DM
Audio, both based in Edinburgh. DM Audio is 1,374 GBP for both rooms.

Regarding projectors/screens: we currently have 2 pledged projectors.
Renting a decent projector is around 300 GBP per week.  Renting the
screens is 75 GBP per screen per week. daven and kevc are taking care
of this.

Regarding T-shirts, it looks like they'll be shipped on time
(Wednesday night).  They'll be shipped by a company called "Estafeta",
they charge ~GBP400 for the whole lot and  they deliver in a week's
time. i.e. T-shirts should arrive in the middle of DebCamp.
on-arrival, VAT needs to be paid at the British customs.

Regarding proceedings, the cover stuff is ready to print and the
binding stuff is ready too. The actual text pages will be printed in
Edinburgh during debcamp. 65 people currently request proceedings. 200
covers will be printed this week, the amount of copies of the text
pages can be determined next week.

Regarding the A4 Thank you page in Linux Magazine, we have 4 days left
to finalize the page and send it to LM.  We now have the logos.
Ganneff is taking care of mailing LM to get the appropiate contact and
extra info.

Regarding information to the attendees, a mail containing all info
people need to know should be sent out ASAP.  Jon will work on it
tomorrow morning.  It'll probably be sent tomorrow afternoon.  Topics:
arriving at DC7, things to bring, hostels, room keys.

DebianDay needs a bit extra-promotion. kevc has already mailed
lugmaster (all uk lugs), the osc, scotlandis, the reg, various uk
linux news sites. Jon will do ncl uni's linux list and oss watch

Regarding the Late Night Venue, the roof has been damaged due to a
flood, but they're working on that and we expect it will be ok. kevc
is coordinating with them so that it gets fixed ASAP.

Things that still need some work: banners, food tickets.

Next meetings are expected to take place in real life.  See you in EDI!


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