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Re: [Debconf-team] Sponsor logos still missing from the website

On 10972 March 1977, Martín Ferrari wrote:

>> Thanks, now activated. So schedule looks like our main
>> debconf7.debconf.org page now, thanks to Tincho.
> Jörg, here are the updated css and the html bit to replace the current
> header. I fixed the float to opaque borders from the background, and
> some minor alignment adjusts, and also added clearance on the
> navigation links, so it looks better.
> Sorry about the spaguetti code.. it's just a big hack :)

That should be active now.

I modified your css to not be only in px dimensions. I hate that, as
usually it breaks horribly if you have a slightly larger browser
window. Setting "margin-right: 37%;" for "#titleBar " made it look
nice(r), even with a 1680pixel wide window, with the pixel setting you
had it wrote the white debconf7 somewhere out of the image.

bye Joerg
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