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Re: [Debconf-team] Sponsor logos still missing from the website

On 10953 March 1977, Steve McIntyre wrote:

>>> Can somebody please do something about these soon please, or failing
>>> that let me know how to it myself? It's now over a month since some
>>> money landed, and we *really* should be updating the sponsor logos
>>> list so that the sponsors can see...
>>debconf-website team seems to be slow, yeah. :()

> :-( That's becoming a problem. If we're short of website people, can
> we find some more volunteers soon?

If people are interested to help - sure.

> Also, I'm not 100% clear what Gandi and fnb are doing for us. Joerg,
> I'm assuming you know and can enlighten me?

Hosting. Gandi 3 domains, fnb multiple machines,
smithers/apu/gallery/backup host.

bye Joerg
Could you please add me to the mirrors@debian.org alias. I'm not receiving
enough spam.
  -- Andrew Pollock

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