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Re: [Debconf-team] visa-invitation letter: we need help


from IRC today (minus some noise): 

<h01ger> do we have a visa invitation letter?
<moray> h01ger: we have a letter, we still don't have a sign-off on it (and 
lawyers/immigration officials don't work over weekends)
<h01ger> so the question is, when can we send the visa invitation letters? 
<h01ger> moray, how do you think we'll get this sign-off from lawyers or 
immigration officials *soon*?
<moray> psn said he had a contact to a lawyer, or otherwise I'd be 
sufficiently happy to progress if one or two more people spoke to the UK visa 
officials in their country
<moray> (since, as I've said, it's the country-officials who'll actually be 
reading these things -- we already know what the theoretical rules/guidelines 
<moray> Safir already spoke to the UK officials in Sarajevo, who gave a little 
advice but generally thought it was fine

Today it's 13 weeks til DebConf starts. It would be "great", if we can send 
out those letters this week.


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