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Re: [Debconf-team] Final report from debconf 6?

Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz dijo [Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 08:41:11PM -0600]:
> > Yes, I completely agree: We cannot just sit on this anymore. We have
> > to produce it :)
> > ...
> > 3- Words from the local organization (L-A, not Debconf's)
> > So... Any takers? We could ask locals (i.e. Gigio) to write some parts,
> > such as 3, as I dragged him into involvedness into Debconf (and
> > Debian!) because his company is part of AMESOL.
> And here you go, dragging me again!
> But yes, I can write (a part of) 3. Just clue me in a bit on what's
> expected (what's 'L-A'? Latin America?), and on where to find some
> sort of an example, if there's one.

I'm getting quite an expert on that department! :)

L-A is Linux Aktivaattori (or something like that), the organization
that represented us in Finland. As you were dragged in because of your
involvement in AMESOL, you could write about AMESOL's point of view.

The best example you can get is DC5's final report :)


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