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Re: [Debconf-team] Final report from debconf 6?

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 09:55:04PM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
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> On 02/28/2007 06:32 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > A big repeat sponsor is preparing to give us money for this year, but
> > would like to see a copy of the debconf 6 final report. At the moment,
> > they only have it for debconf 5. Where can we grab a copy from?
> 	Right now? We can't grab a copy.
> 	Gunnar has the Finantial Report ready for some time but we
> didn't prepare the DC6 Final Report, mainly because of lack of
> information and then because a lot of time have passed.
> 	A few weeks ago I pinged our list and that's the last report,
> probably would need some effort to get a Final Report ready let's say
> in the next days (2 weeks?).
> 	Not sure how we can work on that. I have some ideas of each
> one of us writing a couple of paragraphs about our own impressions,
> but it still needs coordination (and actually, will require that
> people wrote their paragraphs). It is a way to share the load.
> 	Kind regards,
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Been talking to people about a report, and its clear one ought to be
written. The fact a sponsor is asking for it is just serving as a nice
kick in the arse ;-). I seem to be trying to orginise it, but if an
actual dc6 person could, that would be wonderful. Felipe, do you want
to take the lead?

progress so far:

* ganneff has offered to set up an SVN repo for the report, this
afternoon or tonight. 

* aj has offered a "bits from the dpl" section, in the manner of
Branden's one in the dc5 report. 

* I'm trying to find someone from the video team, currently holger, to
write a bit about that side of things.

the plan:

* write a report in size / standard between the dc5[0] and dc6[1] reports.

* Write in docbook, have some build process to get
pdf/ps/html/whatever. Coordinate with SVN. If you are writing a bit,
there is no need to write docbook or have write access to svn,
I/someone else can sort it out. 

* Since we can't just smash it out, its important that folk write a
little bit on the stuff they worked on. So I'm going to chase up the
folks who did: money, talks, accom, video, infrastructure, press and
localteam folk to say how it was orginized. 

* Can folk send in their impressions? I'll also borrow stuff from
planet, after asking permission...

* number would be good. 

Clearly it would be nice to get arse in gear on this, and this plan is
a bit vague/crap, so I'll try to get faw on irc tonight and nail it
down more. Any suggestions, comments, abuse?

Anyone offering work would be very much appreciated. Really, I'm the
wrong person to try and orginise this, and I wasn't there, so I
shouldn't be writing.



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